Airdrop XCN to Jasmy holders

I’ve posted before about Jasmy and adding it and partnerships but what if we airdrop XCN to jasmy holders? it would make them interested in XCN I think

I am for adding JASMY as a market and any partnerships that are mutually beneficial but the idea of air dropping XCN tokens to a holder of another token does not make sense to me at this time.

exactly . Its not worth to airdrop xcn to other token holder . may be we will airdrop to new project which will be in collab with xcn from start

not a good idea imo . Team can rewards loyal user in many other ways who are using xcn products

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I dont agree with this suggestion :slight_smile:

airdrops are always a bad idea.

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and when its for holding a other coin . its more bad :slight_smile: we can reward real users in other ways