Airdrop for forum signup

Forum has some people but I think we get busier if we do airdrop to get more peoples here

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Could make some tasks like 1 xcn for forum signup and then other xcn for other stuff but would need to be strict to avoid bots

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umm makes sense , we will have good engagement then which will be nice but yeah need to track bots strongly :wink:

sounds like a good idea . will surely bring more users here and on xcn platform

noice will be awesome if implemented . Im in

I would have done this for airdrop!

Could be good for new users

True, also maybe would be a good idea to make the incentive for quality contributors in a sense to reward them with progresively higher staking APR% (that needs to be confirmed by the whole community and developers).

With this we can reward the people that give value to the project.

This is possible if it’s something the community wants and there’s enough support behind with Onyx being a DAO but it would need to be something that’s put together properly and can be proposed properly.

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