Adding more multiple chains on Onyx protocol, might just be the easiest marketing approach

More Chains gives, opportunity of plenty of coin options to be listed
Easy collaborations and traction

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It would cost even more, harder to maintain, more effort to control those chains and it may not guaratee that it could attract more attention.

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Totally agreed. This will bring about a wide range of assets, catering to the diverse preferences and needs of users. It will also attract more people, making the market more vibrant and less susceptible to price

Agree but there should be something on which team should take risk and go boldly .

Absofuckinglutely, can we copy that code from compound as well? I should be looking into that but in that case it should be fairly easy to set up. We can focus on all the major meme tokens on every available chain and push that as a major usecase.

That’s the way, easy organic growth
We have the platform already =, and we have a reputation
Maybe it is time to go wild!

why only meme ? didn’t get the logic

Meme tokens can quickly create trend in a short period of time => attract more investors, enthusiasts.

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No but to run a protocol , you cant jusy say meme attracts more . thats wrong

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How many memes you think are well established in market ?

Not many but a few attractive one can help Onyx a lot to gain attention. Moreover, what is there to lost? Nothing, right?

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Probably about 10-20

yeah absolutely nothing is there to lost

I believe in a Crypto world of Multichain, where different Blockchain can interact with one other!
Taking a dive into adding more multichains on Onyx will definitely unlock more users to the Onyx protocol and provide free huge marketing to the Onyx products.

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It is impossible, to undermind the marketing wheel behind multi-chain
And indeed you @Gero your perception is right

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Onyx Protocol supports many chains and will reach a much larger investor base by supporting more chains. The project is great and the team is working non-stop. As the number of chains increases, the investor base will also increase and take the project further.


with diffrnt chains , it brings various securities expenses too . dont you think so ?

well said it will be true in future :wink:

currently it just supports two chain bruhh. erc and bsc .

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I’m sure this number will increase even more. The 2 most important chains are Bsc and Erc. When there is a transition to other newly released chains, it will gain a place in many more networks