600M wasn’t used for liquidity

Your team used it mostly for staking.
Selling some to kucoin
And selling some to uniswap.

Everything is transparent on the blockchain.

You can’t deceive people any longer. Sounds like legal trouble soon


True, Everything is transparent on the blockchain.

These tokens are already partly allocated to the exchanges to provide liquidity, including KuCoin. It’s not a one-day process.

Used Uniswap to get ETH to pay blockchain fees.

Some are on hold for coming new possible listings, they are staked in the Onyx Protocol.

I expect much work to find a liquidity/trading management software in order to automate the process.

Don’t expect any trouble with the proposal. It’s a good step towards XCN development.


Most of us trust you @alex , Obviously you will have to deal with fuds and -ve comments too . Just give your best and dont let us down