2nd AMA of sega

guys join discord open mic ama on may 11 and ask all doubts from him : xD

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Why not ser . i joined last one too

I think community needs something more powerful than AMA . something which makes noise in the crypto space

My question: why is his name Sega and not Nintendo for example?

Good to know that SEGA & ALEX ama also coming soon :grinning:

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Yup . Hopefully we will get a clear roadmap with quarters mentioned

Cancelled . reason best known to him ;lol

Yah agreed . Ama is good once in month . or when something big is coming

hopefully it will be in the text and in not voice and god forbid video

some are demanding for voice and you are demanding for text :slight_smile:

Lol . not everyone has same type of choice . but i also feel voice ama are bettter