The OnyxProtocol experienced an exploit

No news yet
Onyx protocol is still working with security partners to get the bottom of the issue and track the hackers


Take a look at Recovery Proposal 3 of 3: Reduce inflation and launch the v2 Onyx Money Market Protocol.

The first two proposals to reimburse the lost:

Get ready to vote on Monday the 13th, starting with the first Proposal. Remember to stake your XCN to gain voting power.

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looking forward to vote :100:

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Thank you for putting up the vote. Please vote wisely and I still stand in my belief that the LDA Capital Facility would be the most optimal, increasing confidence, trust in the team and allowing for a future for XCN, which would benefit all XCN Holders and users.


Please vote too . only texting wont work


I prefer Proposal 3

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Get ready for voting on the proposal #2.

Remember to stake your XCN to get voting power.

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Agree with you mate!

Vote on the proposal #2: Onyx Protocol

The DAO refunds voting ETH fees.

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any update on tracking of hackers ?

Thanks for the info in regards to the vote on proposal

forget it sir . its kinda impossible to track . they should have offered bounty to them the same day

:neutral_face: :smiling_face_with_tear: