Should list BONK coin too after v2 goes live

Of course, it is important to be recognized in every sector and attract users from that sector.

This is the reason why many projects fail: not taking the right steps and betting on the wrong horse.

This will happen if the users decide and the proposal is approved, but the priority is to publish the platform

The main goal is to increase usability and attract the right users

Onyx is very successful in this regard and knows very well what it needs to do, so it will succeed.

Great :+1:

The platform will probably be released soon and I am excited about the developments after that, everything will be great and I believe it.

the right users will take us one step further and everyone will feel the power of the onyx community

Of course, they managed all the processes wonderfully and professionally. The future will be much better and we will succeed together.

We expect it to enter in January, but the process may take longer in February.

This is completely inevitable and on that day we will be proud of ourselves as the onyx community

This is a visible success

My vote for bonk too :cold_face:

whats popping guys ?

what more features v2 will have ?

of course YES

Hell yeah!

Finger crosse, good things incoming

wassup fam ? whats bonk ?