Make the site usable again?

17 days since the exploit. It’s time to open it. 3th proposal will be rejected too, unless zombie wallets will vote for it. This shutdown is taking too long.


The Borrow and Supply features are restricted, as there is no possibility to withdraw what’s supplied.
It’s to protect new users.

With voting, we are searching for the way that the community accepts.


your how much $ is at risk ?

We are lucky this is happening in a bull market. If it went down peeps get liquidated.
Anybody elseneed to reallocate there positions? Aitdrop season is coming and a lot of protocols offer incentives for liquidity.

how this is lucky for holders and community ?

so proposal 5 has been passed so may be we can see some solutions soon

Plan is here folks


Yup . there will be votiing again to enable v2

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i dont know when things will get normal for onyx . just hoping for the best

It will eventually, i can see the team are working hard, for a full restoration

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